This is a film I helped make for a friend. He came to me with the original script and an idea of how he wanted it shot, and we then worked on it for a couple of months until we had something that represented the original idea.

I had been making films all by myself for so long that it was actually really nice to do something more collaborative again. We shot it on my Dad’s old VHS camcorder, which gave it a really nice look (I think), even if it was then much harder to edit. The opening/closing shot was also shot in the same forest where I shot Heathen and the rest of it was shot in my flat, so I felt very comfortable shooting in those environments. The only technical issue was that the mic had a faulty jack which meant I had to press it hard into the side of the camera whenever we wanted to shoot (we also lost some nice shots which we took before I realised there was a problem with the sound - I might post them later).

Overall, not so bad.