• Haiku 36

    I’ll wait for him here

    Who trembles and falls beneath

    In late purple light

  • abraham

  • stamford-hill

  • snow

  • wood-for-the-trees

  • iv.

    Thoughts spinning repeating, each one a long life, satellite my mind with colours too many.

    I know what this means, I know that one. Others shimmer and effervesce - scattering.

    It’s my root that holds them in orbit, I think.

    I should move to the coast.

  • twofer

  • iii.

    I dreamed of paradise again and so the image drains away.

    The curvatures of verdant green, fanning out into the bay. My companion’s hair. Its permeating scent.

    I’d not known it.

  • early-hours

    Happy New Year Xx

  • Haiku 35

    Brushing thin fingers

    Across the kitchen table,

    His Mother passes

  • Haiku 34

    Red kites are dashing

    Above my childhood village -

    The rivers are full

  • adelante

  • Haiku 33

    The constant thunder

    And cacophony of flight

    Should lead you to land

  • muddy-grasses

    Shooting my first feature here next winter. The title is ‘Alma’. Fingers crossed.

  • heath

  • musselwick

  • katy-perry

    cameronmakindotcom goes digital

  • iverson

  • Haiku 32

    You’re there in passing,

    My broken-nosed Matterhorn,

    Echoing the wind

  • Haiku 31

    A new train’s coming

    To the deepest metro lines,

    According to Josh

  • quentiny-weeny

  • Haiku 30

    An early seagull

    Reminds me of that river,

    Serpentine to sea

  • Haiku 29

    He stays embedded,

    Shimmering between my dreams

    All emerald-like

  • a-tun

  • Haiku 28

    With Spring behind me,

    Life now sways in vibrant bloom -

    What comes is change

  • le-ou-la

  • corgo-pants

  • twelfth-night

    Twelfth Night run ran :)

  • Haiku 27

    A shirt pulled over

    My head flashed of you, and draped

    Across my shoulders

  • jiggity-jig

    Home Again, Home Again

  • home-and-away

  • sp-morn

  • moon-and-limes

  • like-ships

  • ii.

    I met you at the coast.

    We saw fighter jets, Pride Rock, the closeness of the moon and the open roads of Germany.

    You knew me. We made plans.

    I lost you when I woke and cried to dream again.

  • vee-doubleya

  • Upright

    Pinching the skin around my knuckles

    I see my skeleton and wonder for whom it stands


    With you, I’ve a voice in my ribs,

    Teeth in my shoulder,

    A bushel of bones, intertwined and singing


    Alone, they hang lazily, crown to toe

    A bloody bag of potentials

    That I’d truss up and hand to you,

    To re-arrange with more beautiful intent

  • imprint

    I’ve moved to Brazil.

  • i.

    The ringing of a faraway bell

    Frissons and persists in my mind’s gloomy annals,

    To find and hold it still would be a lonely bliss

  • for-free

  • frankfurt

    Going somewhere new. Turning back. Please bear with me while I’m on my way.

  • last


  • Forecast

    Sometimes, at night, it showers:

    The heavens open above my quiet city

    As water fills the cracks and carries off the dust


    Tarmac furrows are flushed through,

    Coaxing the soil and the seeds

    To forgive me in the Spring


    I hold up my beaded hands, smiling

    Because I know at last that they’re true -

    My mind and body are liquid, like I knew


    In time, it breaks.

    The clouds part to the sky

    And my puddles are splashed to the pavement

  • Haiku 26

    Damaged by the sun,

    The beautiful smell of salt

    Carries ever seaward

  • Haiku 25

    Do they see me back?

    Does my face reflect in oil

    As it does the stream?

  • shade

  • Haiku 24

    Mounting a stained-glass

    Window to the Afterlife

    Between cypresses

  • hullo

  • Haiku 23

    The curvature of

    The quintillion forest

    Rendered shelter, square

  • crab-grab

  • Haiku 22

    Levelled before me:

    The shape of an ancestor,

    Shrouded, brilliant

  • dishy

    Over the past few months I’ve been in my head and unsatisfied with my work. But I’ve decided now that the work is interesting, and should be uploaded either way. XX

  • Haiku 21

    A garden of dreams

    Viewed from my cottage window,

    Waits with me for Spring

  • kewkewkew

    All three films have been shot now. The release date is set for August 28th xx

  • geneve


  • Haiku 20

    Sunlight strikes the path

    And I feel how I felt then,

    Years ago again.

  • green-loch

    Scouting the final film of the three, in the Cairngorms.

    I’m finding it harder and harder to to choose a favourite photo from the batches. I think I need to be less self-conscious, or read more books.

  • wall-grab

    Developed by me, for a darkroom course.

  • Haiku 19

    The lines of my life

    Cross-hatch across the map like

    Trans-Atlantic winds

  • bright-off

    Prepping a film in Brighton.

    One day all these films I’m making are going to come out, and then you’ll be sorry.

  • bandw

    First try at black and white.

  • christmas-dawg

  • Haiku 18

    Silent blanketing,

    Frosted nook, and thoughts of spring:

    Life rewards the kind.

  • summerhouse

    Beginning to understand lens choices, though not demonstrably.

  • Haiku 17

    Dropping off and out,

    A chorus of characters

    Dance around, around.

  • salisbury

    Salisbury, ‘Lavender’ prep.

  • Parcen


  • eglisian

    ‘Maribelle’ warm-up.

  • Haiku 16

    From gloom into gloom,

    Subterranean sluice,

    The tracks and the drums.

  • Haiku 15

    Summer sun reveals

    Individual layers,

    Molten and distinct

  • maxi-challenge

    More Mercy (!)

  • vista

    Cow time (hell yeah)

  • Haiku 14

    Pausing a while,

    To feel the shade and the sun

    Flash across my skin.

  • Haiku 13

    I’m playing catch up,

    Washing my hands in the sea,

    Carried by ripples.

  • vista

    Not my baby.

  • vista

  • Haiku 12

    Spying through the cracks,

    I can’t tell if I want it.

    Is this their nature?

  • Haiku 11

    Leaving behind me

    A forest of memories

    I emerge, blinking

  • vista


  • vista

    Mercy in isolation.

  • Haiku 10

    And when I turned back

    I noticed something absurd:

    My child is greying

  • vista

    I love 50mm so much.

  • vista

  • fishing-hole

  • crack

  • ladybird

    Sadly almost all of my projects have been postponed until later this Summer, but I did finally get around to using my Dad’s old film camera so there should be more updates to come on that.

  • coastal-path

    Break. Back in London now.

  • Aesthetic 2 - Olfactory

    Bergamot, bitter orange, sandalwood, amber, honeysuckle, incense, cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, pine, green tea, plum.

  • Haiku 9

    The noose has tightened

    So here I hang, quite content;

    It takes the weight off

  • Haiku 8

    Cut open my skull,

    I’ll show you exactly where

    These thoughts need to go

  • My camera has been dropped a bit too much over the past few months, so that’s why there is a shadow on the left side of the footage. I actually like it though - I think it gives it a more intimate/vignette feel.

  • coastal-path

    I’m going to make another film here in July - the working title is ‘Driftwood’.

  • Aesthetic 1 - Maritime

    Black rubber boots, scales, the ripple of rough canvas, creaky boughs, something in the water, lighthouses, sinking, rope, crust, the wind in the dark, depth.

    [This is a new writing technique I’m going to be trying out, as a way of exploring how details shape atmospheres.]

  • The light leaks are real, by the way.

  • Haiku 7

    Looking up at the

    Mortality of the moon

    With contrails in front

  • I promise I’m working on other things too.

  • Haiku 6

    Let the window break

    Suck me out into the clouds

    I’d fly for a while

  • Haiku 5

    Deep in the forest

    I turn to see my lover

    Covered in branches

  • Yes I got Premiere - how did you guess?

  • Haiku 4

    To jump not to fly

    But to fall and crack open

    Letting it all out

  • cherry-picker

  • Haiku 3

    I don’t remember

    We came here when I was drunk

    Why didn’t you say?

  • I am really starting to like these short-form videos. They are easy to edit and relaxing to shoot. The memory card in my camera is only 500MB which means I have to be a lot more selective with my shots - I stop when I run out of space. I haven’t quite sorted the sound yet, as Lightworks can’t process .avi sound, apparently. I’ll try and sort that for the next one, but for now I think it’s okay as is.

  • I knew George would be late.

  • new-old-camera

    I have a new old camera and I’m very excited about it. It also means I can upload more videos as the image quality/file size is so low that I will never hit Vimeo’s upload limit for a free account. Very exciting.

  • skyscraper-from-bus

  • Haiku 2

    Cotton, Leather, Silk

    The consumption of others

    We cared for the thrill

  • sunset-flight

  • sam-in-chimney

  • Haiku

    Girl all painted blue

    A thoughtless hunt for freshness

    I hope it’s over

  • waterloo-bridge-rain

  • tube-jacket

  • This is a very rough practice for a film I’m making called ‘Likeness’. The final film will have video - I just can’t edit it on my laptop.