This is a film I made when I was 19. I came up with the idea on a very long bus journey, took a bunch of courses online to learn some basic filmmaking skills, and shot it over the summer with my family playing all the principle roles.

To be honest, it was a bit of a nightmare to make. We had no budget, and basically nobody knew what they were doing - least of all me. In the end, the sound came out wrong - if at all - and after a long time trying to rerecord all the dialogue, I moved on to different things. The movie is therefore only 90% finished.

I could go on about the many faults of the film, but I won’t. They are obvious and I don’t care about them. I’m proud to have at least made something and am very grateful towards everyone who helped me make this. Personally, I like the establishing shots the most; this is what I found the most pleasure in doing, and what made me decide to work on documentaries for a while, while my writing skills get some much-needed improvement behind the scenes.

Enjoy xx

P.S. Anyone who can actually guess what the plot is gets some kind of reward.